Casual Cora is Available Now!

Last month I released my Casual Cora model! I forgot to share on Patreon, sorry~

Casual Cora is a new look for my Cora model! She’s ready for a wild night out or fun hang out with friends. Dress her up or dress her down, it’s all up to you~

This is a NSFW model that’s PC and Quest compatible. It includes a DPS and Non-DPS version for PC. Quest user cannot use DPS.


– Clothes Toggles

– Has VRchat Physbones (Hair, boobs, butt, tummy)

– Hue wheel for hair and eyes (Not available for Quest)

– Skin tone shift wheel (Quest is limited to only 4 preset colors)

– Body shape slider options (Boobs, Butt, Thighs, and Tummy)

– Face Expression (Lewd, Angry, Surprised, Sad, Smile, and Smirk)

– Setup for DPS on hands, mouth, and vagina (Sold separately, check credits)

– Prone, Crouch, and AFK poses/idles 

– Bubblegum and Vape Props with Dynamic Interactions

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