How Can I Pay?

You can pay with Debit, Credit, Paypal etc.


If you purchase a package, you are paying full price to get all the files for my avatar which come with uploading instructions. You MUST also purchase Dynamic Bones package and own it from the original seller since it is used on all models for Physics. On some of my models/avatars but not all of them, you will also want to consider additionally purchasing Raliv’s Dynamic Penetration System package which will be extra immersive NSFW features that will be included on some of my NSFW models/avatars. The instructions I provide with my models also will tell you how to import these additional packages if they are needed for that model/avatar.



If you want to purchase an upload it will be a cheaper price. You will not receive any files and you will not need to purchase any additional packages like Dynamic Bones since I will be signing into your account using Unity and uploading the avatar for you through my project with my files. This will require your VRchat username, email, and password upon purchase in order for me to upload the avatar to your account for you. 

Every package you purchase comes with a notepad on how to upload the model yourself OR you can use the video link for SDK 2 here https://youtu.be/gP4zu2tlE7M 

Every package you purchase comes with a notepad on how to upload the model yourself OR you can use the video link for SDK 3 here https://youtu.be/UiQ8skFrW9o 

SDK 2 is older model version, SDK 3 is the current model version that is up to date. SDK 3 uploads a bit different from SDK 2 and has newer model features.

My public avatars are not available for purchase or individual upload. Please do not ask for an exception.

Most of my avatars are quest compatible not all.  At the top of the page navigate to “ALL CATEGORIES” and select “Quest Compatible”.  You will find all the models that fit what you are looking for. 

I do not offer this service. 

If you want edits done to any of the avatars I sell, I usually will do it for an additional fee. 

If you have any kind of issues with your purchase, whether you are confused how to set it up properly or something is broken. DM me about it at SnakeWokeAvatars#1800. I will help you as soon as I can. 

All sales are final. Buyer’s remorse does not mean you’re allowed to have my work for free. You can DM me for more pictures, videos, etc. before you make a purchase if you’re not sure about buying.

I am either still working on projects or busy at the moment. I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Join the Discord server https://discord.gg/4eXSQJ9

Please do not be afraid to contact me or talk to me. I am friendly and understand most of my buyers are new to this stuff. It does help if you tell me you are new when you are needing my help so I can explain things in more detail. 

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