New Model In The Works


I hope it is a great day for you! I wanted to show you, my new model.
Now this model. This would be my main model if I wanted a custom made one. I love him already. He is nowhere near done though, got weight painting, tattoos, piercings to add etc. I can already tell this model is going to be popular though he just looks so sick! Probably going to make the mask toggleable through the emote menu. He will have NSFW options just like the other male models but don’t worry, you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to and I can remove them for you if requested upon purchase. I wasn’t too sure on hair color but I like this color so far but the cool thing is.. if you want it another color upon purchase, you can do that too! What do you think about this style?  What should I name him? Might be a few more days until he’s released. 

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