How To Upload Your Avatar~

**Make sure you have Unity 2018.4.20f1 installed**

Unity hub makes it easier to search for different versions of Unity if you are still using an old one or want to use multiple versions. Please download Unity Hub with the link I provided below. 

Unity Hub Link:

For VRchat you want to have Unity 2018.4.20f1 installed. As shown in this next picture inside Unity Hub under installs.

Once you have the right version then go to projects and great a “NEW “project to import your assets OR Click on an existing model like shown the picture and make sure the version is selected. Then open the project.

Now that your project is open, follow these steps. 

1. Import the unitypackage into a clean project. Do not try to open the model in the project yet.
2. Import Poiyomi Shader included.
3. Once shader is imported, the Thry editor settings should open automatically. If they don’t, open it at the top window bar.
4. When you open the settings, there will be a button that says “Import VRCSDK”. Click it and import.
5. Once the VRCSDK is imported, go the the folder named after the model in your assets.
6. Double click to open the SCENE named after the model. Don’t drag the prefab. The avatar may not work properly if you do not open the scene.
7. Click the avatar in the heirarchy. In the inspector on the right, in the Pipeline Manager, click “Detach”.
8. If you did everything right, it should be ready to upload. Just open the VRCSDK Control Panel and go to the builder tab. Hit upload.

If you have any questions, DM SnakeWoke#0608 on Discord for help.


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