Website Making Can Be Expensive! Part 1

So I have been trying to put money back into my website since it’s helped me make money and save some time. I also want to use this website to help VRchat users rather that it only to be to sell models. I want to create a website that has updates for how to upload your own model through purchasing through me or even updates in general like the fact we (again) been updated to a newer version of Unity and have to make sure we use that new version. I hired 2 separate people on Fiverr to help me out. I don’t want to talk bad about anyone but the first guy made it feel like he was trying to scam me so I had to stop working with him after a week and get my $100 refund. Now I’m a little more than 2 weeks in with the second seller about to pay $200 for his work and things were slow at first but he has been doing a good job getting everything I wanted to be done and I sent him some revisions I need and hopefully, it all gets sorted! for this page, I have asked him to add filter tags so you all can explore and search for the model you want. It should be easier and a lot faster since I know I’m gonna be posting tons of models still. This stuff is expensive but I want it to look good and WORK.  I will be talking more about each page with preview images for my Patreons. Consider supporting me to get access to these and other rewards. I’d really appreciate the help dearly!  

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