Website Making Is Expensive! part 2

So if you read part one good! Let’s continue.

The “home” page I’m trying to get updated to be an “Updates” page. This is where I’m gonna post how to upload my avatars or some advice for all of you while also including updates of what I’m up to like here on Patreon. I want to make sure you understand how to upload a model you get from me without thinking you are gonna mess something up. Although it’s okay if you do, we all start somewhere. So this will be one of the places you might find some gold information on how to do things.

The “newsfeed” is gonna be where you see my tweets,  when I’m live on Twitch if you are lucky enough to catch me live. I’m also working on hopefully getting my Patreon posts on there for people that discover my Patreon through the website and might also want to support just like you~ This newsfeed will be a great place for a lot updates of what I’m up to and where else I am posting that you might be interested in.

We already talked about the model store in my public post so I will skip that. I will post the pic here again thought for you to see.

“About us” is just a page that literally describes what I do and how you can stay in touch with me with some links. I am not sure what I will put here yet but it will be updated over time.

“Contact us” is one way to let me know if you have questions, issues, or anything really. I will support you as soon as I see the message or after I’m done helping another person. Please use this because so far I haven’t failed to help one person who has tried to contact me and continued to stay in touch through the process.

“My Account” I really recommend making an account before purchasing an avatar. This will save your past purchases, past downloads, etc. If you buy a model before making an account you will have no trace of returning to the download once more than the original purchase. I can assist if that issue does occur if you contact me.

It has been a lot of trouble trying to get this Website organized, optimized and done. The Website has been down for almost a month now. I am paying a seller on Fiverr a little over $200 to get the work done for me and it’s slow but it seems to finally be getting done. Thank you for your continued support and consider sharing this so I can get more supporters who may value my efforts as you do! Stay Woke Gamers~ <3

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